Garcia Tella' s documents

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Josť Garcia TELLA fights against the fascists, in the "COLUMNA ESPANA LIBRE " (C.N.T. - anarchistic F.A.I.), on the forehead(front) of Madrid. He(It) realizes a series of short films on appearances(mines) and coal, for the republican government.

Garcia Tella's documents

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Josť Garcia TELLA and his companions of the 26th division

Garcia Tella's documents

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1938: VIADU admits Garcia TELLA to the General commissionership, in the service of TORYO.

Garcia Tella's documents

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TELLA joins the front of Aragon and occupies the post of "Miliciano de la Cultura" (elimination of illiteracy in the farmers) to the 121th brigade there Of the 26th division DURUTTI (anarchist) (Cdt Ricardo SANZ)

Garcia Tella's documents

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DURRUTI : the learning

Tella in the assembly of a short film - 1936.

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1937 - Meeting with Joaquin DICENTA First of play "TORMENTA", with ana Adamuz and Manuel SOTO, play represented first 35 times and then 55 times to the Zarzuela theatre and Progresso theatre in Madrid. Second play "A VIRGEN PODRIDA" at the Chueca theatre in Madrid. He was designed as the C.N.T emissary (anaarcho-syndicaliste) to the reading comity of: la junte des spectacles of Madrid, of the 24 th corps (general BAREA).