José Garcia TELLA (1906 - 1983)

José Garcia TELLA was born in Madrid on May 8th 1906.After a hard youth, he worked at Eastman Kodak's until the age of 30. At the outbreak of the war on July 18 th 1936, he intented to be a film actor and director.

Vas a volunteer in the republican army, he fought on the Madrid front and then produced a series of short films for the republican government. In the trenches, he wrote his first play called " TORMENTA ", which would be played at the Zarguel theatre in Madrid in 1937. He also contributed to several libertarian publications such as " CASTILLA LIBRE ", "UMBRA", etc...

In 1938, he joined the Aragon front like " Miliciano de la Cultura " (the teaching of farmers).

After the defeat in 1939, he folded back in France with the Catalogne Army. Interned during 8 months in Barcares and then in the 42th labour company in Brienne Le Château, he escaped and became a working man in a factory at Le Havre.

After the invasion of France, he was sent as a prisoner in Bremen. In 1942 he escaped in order to shelter in Paris where he worked illegally until the liberation.

Fond of art and literacy, he decided to publish a magazine about the Spanish art " GALERIA " which would be rapidly censured.

Because of a strong need to express himself, he painted his first work in 1948 at the age of 42. It represents a Last Supper where the Apostles devoured the body of the Christ.

In 1948, he participated in the first " Foyer de l'Art Brut "

Introduced to Henri-Pierre ROCHÉ, great collector and far-seeing body of critics, he would receive advice, help and encouragement from him. In 1951, his works were presented at Jeanne Bucher's in Paris. Later, his participation in " Salon d'Arte Sacré ", His exhibition in " Musée d'Art Moderne " " EVOLUTION " and his participation in " L'école de Paris" were noticed.

During their meeting, ROCHÉ will have aquis not less than 165 oils of the artist.

In February 1960 he met Michel MIGRAINE, who organised for him an exhibition in le Havre, in the GIOTTO Gallery and then in Paris, in the Mady BONNARD Gallery. Regularly from 1961 until his death in 1983, he exhibited in le Havre, Cherbourg and Paris at the Atelier Albert's Gallery and the 2 + 3 Gallery.

In 1969 Maitre Claude ROBERT dispersed 110 paintings, aquarelles and collages to Drouot.

Then TELLA exhibited in the DREVET Gallery, in the " SPAIN HOUSE " and in the Jean Claude RIEDEL Gallery. Michel LOUIS did often homage to the artist's work in his show  " THE PRETEXT ".

The painter was also the guest of different exhibitions such as: The free art's exhibition, the Populist exhibition, the Superindependants' exhibition and the exhibition of May.

His work takes part in a lot of collections in EUROPE, in AMERICA and JAPAN. The museums in MEXICO, GENEVA, ALCAZAR OF SAN JUAN (Spain), REINA SOFIA (Madrid-Spain)  have some artist's oil paintings.

This biography ha been written by Charles TELLA (godchild and nephew of the painter)