Individual Exhibitions
José Garcia TELLA

1951 - Gallery Jeanne Bucher (Paris.  from 14 th to 30th june 1951)

1960 - Gallery Giotto (Le Havre. March - avril)

1960 - Gallery Mady Bonnard (Paris. from 26th november to 16th december)

1961 - Gallery Giotto (Le Havre. february)

1961 - Gallery of  "casino de l'amirauté" (Cherbourg. april)

1963 - Gallery of  "casino de l'amirauté" (Cherbourg. from 6th april to 28th april)

1963 - Gallery de L'atelier Maître Albert (Paris. from 3th may to 1th june)

1964 - Gallery Giotto (Le Havre. april)

1966 - Gallery 3+2 (Paris. from 4th october to 25 th october)

1969 - Gallery Chantepierre (Aubonne, Switzerland. from 7th june to 1th september)

1975 - Gallery Drevet ''La porte étroite'' (Paris. from 3th december to 30th january 1976)

1979 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel (Paris. from 15th march to 15th april)

1984 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel ''hommage à Garcia Tella'' (Paris. from  22th march to  22th april)

1985 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel ''œuvres des années 60'' (Paris. from 18th april to 8th may)

1993 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel ''hommage à Garcia Tella'' (Paris. from 14th october to 17th november)

2004 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel "collages de Garcia Tella" (Paris. from 18th to 30th november)

2013 - Gallery Jean-Claude Riedel (Paris. from 2th may to 30th june)

2019 - Exibition "Discovening Garcia Tella" (Sainte Mesme from 15th to 17th november - Ablis from 22th to 24 november)